Pipeline Construction

Our crews go wherever the work calls, from the high mountain country to densely populated cities.

Pipeline Construction Services

Pipelines we construct convey Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Refined Products, CO2 and Water. Typical installations and services we provide:
Construction Staging Area Preparation
Ditch Excavation
Fabrication & Fabrication Installation
Clearing & Grubbing
Shoring & Sheetpiling Installation
Mainline Valves Installation
Timber & Native Vegetation Processing
Lowering In
Hydrostatic Testing
Erosion & Sediment Control Devices
Cathodic Protection Installation
Dewatering, Cleaning & Drying
BMP Monitoring & Maintenance
Pipe Weight Installation
Propel Caliper Tools/Smart Pigs
Environmental Monitoring
Padding & Backfilling
Tie Ins
Topsoil Segregation & Stabilization
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Salvaged Topsoil Replacement
Right of Way Grading
Conventional Bores
Import Topsoil Placement
Loading, Trucking & Stringing of Pipe
Slick Bores
Soil Amendment Placement & Incorporation
Setup & Welding
Road & Highway Crossings
Right of Way Restoration
Stream & Wetland Crossings
Pipeline Marker Installation
Concrete Coatings
Winch Hill Installation
Maintenance & Warranty
Each of our projects is a chapter in our history, another step in our progress and growth. We continually learn new and better methods of completing work.
The End Results
Sound infrastructure, established lasting partnerships, and reliable energy for all.
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